Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary asset management means management of individual portfolios of cash and financial instruments for the following type of clients:

Institutional Investors – pension funds, insurance companies, and health insurance funds;

Corporations – companies utilizing an active strategy for management of their free cash flows in order to achieve maximum income;

Individuals - legal persons requiring an individual approach for management of their financial assets to achieve investment opportunities optimization.

Following a personal conversation with the client, an investment consultant at Astra Investment structures an individual portfolio for him/her in line with his/hers specific investment objectives and constraints, risk tolerance and trading experience. On the grounds of the designed profile a proper management strategy is applied results of which are being reported on a regular basis. The strategy is adjusted accordingly to changes in the investment objectives and constraints.

Discretionary Management Advantages:

  • Individual Approach, determined by the specific objectives and investment constraints of the client;
  • Personal Investment Consultant;;
  • Professional Portfolio Management – a team of portfolio manager and analyst manages actively the investment portfolio, monitors market trends as well as changes in client’s individual strategy;
  • Diverse strategies and access to financial instruments – Astra Asset Management team structure the appropriate mix of financial instruments of different types (shares and bonds of Bulgarian and foreign issuers, Bulgarian and foreign government bonds, deposits, derivatives and repo agreements);
  • Transparency – preparation of regular reports on the portfolio management;
  • Supervision and investment autonomy – clients’ money and financial instruments are separated by the assets of the investment intermediary being kept at an independent client bank account or in a sub-account of the client in the Central Depository or other depositary institution.