Information on sale and redemption of units

Investors can buy or sell back units of Astra Cash Contractual Fund by placing an order for purchase, respectively, for sale, along with the documents necessary, at the office of Astra Asset Management from 9:00 h to 17:00 h every business day. Orders shall be submitted personally or by a proxy having a notarized power of attorney for disposal of securities.

Along with the purchase order the investor shall deposit the investment amount in the following bank account.

Bank: UniCredit Bulbank JSC
Beneficiary: Astra Cash Contractual Fund
IBAN (BGN): BG75 UNCR 7000 1520 2496 50
Reason for payment: purchase of units of Astra Cash

Full name of the investor

Expenses & Fees

Expenses for the issuance per unit (included in the issue price) of the net asset value per unit

Investment amount
up to BGN 99 999.99 more than BGN 100 000
0.05% (five basis points)    0.00% (null)

Expenses of the redemption per unit (included in the redemption price) of the net asset value per unit

Time investment is held with the fund up to 6 months 0.05% (five basis points)
more than 6 months 0.00% (null)

Management Fee

The asset management fee is fixed at 0.50% p.a. of the net asset value of the Fund and is calculated on a daily basis.

Tax Preferences

Income realized from trading of shares/units of mutual funds in a regulated market, including redemption at a desk, is tax exempt when income beneficiary is legal person, local individual as well as individual having a fiscal registration in an EU member state.

Income realized from deals with shares/units of mutual funds (realized capital gain) as well as from financial assets, received by individuals domiciled in third countries, other than the above mentioned, are subject to 10% income tax.

Notice to the investors

The investors in units of mutual funds should consider the fact that: (1) The price of and the return from shares may be reduced – the profit is not guaranteed and the investors take the risk not to recover the full amount of their investments; (2) The investments in a mutual fund are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund, established by the state or by other kind of a guarantee; (3) The previous results from the activity are not connected to the future results of the mutual fund. The prospectus and establishment documentation of the funds are available for the public at Astra Asset Management`s office, as well as on the website of the Company.