General Information

Investment Policy & Objectives: achievement of current yield that keeps real investment value with a low level of risk
Risk Profile: conservative
Investment Portfolio and Constraints: investments in low risk financial assets – the prevailing investment strategy is focused exclusively on bank deposits. Pursuant to the Rules of the Fund, Astra Cash may invest in the following instruments:



  Share (%) in the fund’s assets
Bank deposits up to 100%
Government Bonds up to 100%
Mortgage and corporate bonds up to 80%
Municipal bonds up to 80%
Shares and units of other collective investment schemes up to 10%
Cash and cash equivalents, money on current account and bank deposits with maturity 3 months or shorter not less than 5%

Active portfolio management

Assets and units evaluation: every business day
Inception Date 06 October 2008
ISIN code BG9000014084
Nominal value of 1 unit 10.00
Currency BGN

Notice to the Investors

The investors in units of mutual funds should consider the fact that: (1) The price of and the return from shares may be reduced – the profit is not guaranteed and the investors take the risk not to recover the full amount of their investments; (2) The investments in a mutual fund are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund, established by the state or by other kind of a guarantee; (3) The previous results from the activity are not connected to the future results of the mutual fund. The prospectus and establishment documentation of the funds are available for the public at Astra Asset Management`s office, as well as on the website of the Company.